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For sale '26 Model T Lakes Modified roadster
Forwarded message:

I was about to advertise last winter but postponed the effort because it was clearly not the time people in the Northern Hemisphere would get inspired about roadsters.  .

Here is more information about the car’s equipment, it’s also on the website. I have created a website with many photographs and lots of information.  Attached below are some photos, the first has all the essential information printed on the image. I will be happy to supply any additional photographs

Crate clone of ZZ 430 built by Billings Chevrolet - modified to estimated 450 horsepower, yet smooth-running, cruises in traffic and able to get good mileage in overdrive, turns 1900 rpm at 70 mph
- four bolt main block
- forged steel crankshaft
- forged powdered metal connecting rods
- 23 degree "Fast Burn" aluminum heads (during development, improvements found for flow,
      combustion and cylinder fill were incorporated, to achieve maximum performance with no  
      additional porting needed)
- Vortec Dual Plane Aluminum Intake Manifold
- roller rockers 
- aluminum water pump 
• “Dyno-Doug” builder of sprint car motors at FBR Racing in Milpitas installed a new Elgin cam, bigger valves & springs, aluminum heads, new guides, rocker studs, timing-chain and two-piece timing-covers to change cams without pulling the whole cover.
• Holley 770 CFM Street Avenger Carburetor  — also modified by “Dyno-Doug", new throttle-return springs and jets.
• Spin-Tech mufflers
• exhaust has sprint-car wrapping
• hydraulic lifters                                          
 thermostatically-operated electric fan
• aluminum radiator and "burp" tank
• 2” x 3” x 3/16” wall steel tube with three cross members and K-member combination to hang transmission mount
• front = Wilwood discs with 12” rotors, rear = Corvette Inboard discs
• 700R4 with Lokar shifter - JMS Transmissions electric overdrive lock-up in any gear 
Front Suspension
• semi-elliptical springs with friction shocks
Rear Suspension
• semi-elliptical springs with friction shocks
• control arms, trailing arms, uprights, half-shaft, all brackets by Zipper Motors
• Winters Quick-Change with 3:38 gears
Body & Interior
• chassis and body by Darrell Zipp, Zipper Motors 
• upholstery by Howdy Ledbetter
• handmade dash, firewall, mirrors, inside door release
• Classic Instruments gauges
• 11 gallon Moon tank
Wheels & Tires
• Halibrand wheels
• front = BF Goodrich Traction T/A P185/65 R15
• rear = BF Goodrich Sport Truck T/A LT345/55 R16
Weight & Distribution
left front = 397 pounds
right front = 483 pounds
left rear = 606 pounds
right rear = 507 pounds
Total = 1,987 pounds

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